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TP-Link Plug Setup

The TP-Link smart plug will integrate intelligence into your everyday devices, offering remote control and automation at your fingertips. With its compatibility with the Kasa Smart app and most speech assistants, this plug turns conventional appliances into intelligent and energy-saving gadgets. Plan your routines, keep an eye on your energy use, and take advantage of the ease of remotely managing your linked devices. The TP-Link Smart Plug is your first step toward a more intelligent, more connected home.

If you also have a TP-Link Smart plug and are looking for its TP-Link plug setup, then we are here to guide you. Below are the details of how you can perform different functions using this smart plug. 

TP-Link Plug Setup Process

The Kasa app locally and remotely controls the smart setup of TP-Link. We can efficiently perform this setup and make our home a smart one. The below are the methods that will help you connect the TP-Link smart plug to your home network.

Before begin with this process

Configure this plug using the Kasa App 

How can a TP-Link switch or plug be added to the Deco network?

How can a TP-Link smart switch be reset?

In order to reset TP-Link, look for the RESET button beneath the switch:

The TP-Link extender will reboot once, and then it can connect to the internet. 

Connecting Using the WPS Button

For further details, please consult the manufacturer’s setup instructions if the device is unable to reset.


The blog has proffered exclusive information on the TP-Link smart plug setup. If you follow these methods, you can set it up quickly on your own. However, if you are stuck between the processes, call our experts for immediate assistance. Our experts will have robust solutions for your problem. The information above will let you make your home a smart home; thus, if you want instant results, get in touch with our experts, who are available 24/7.    

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