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Fixing The Blinking Red Light On Your Wifi Router

A blinking Spectrum router red light means that your device is facing trouble while trying to establish a secure connection with the internet. This issue is common, especially during service outages. As far as the wifi is concerned, a simple hardware reboot or factory reset can help. If these options don’t work or the issue persists, then equipment replacement is the final resort.

How To Fix Red Light On Spectrum Router?

To begin with, a careful reboot is the best option for the equipment. There are two ways to reboot your modem and the wifi router from Spectrum. Rebooting either of them is simple; however, keeping the order of steps in mind is the key. 

If that doesn’t prove fruitful, then we need to look for issues with the wiring, i.e., the ethernet cable connecting the devices.

If the internet is still not restored, we have special shortcuts and tips to get it back on track, and you may also call for support for any assistance with the steps.

1. Spectrum Router Red Light: Check For Outage

Before you reach out to your wifi router, grab your smartphone and check the outage status of Spectrum services online. Numerous websites can give you a fair idea if Spectrum is down. None of these websites can be sure that there is a service outage: they make estimates based on the complaints by the users. 

The only way to get accurate local information on the outages is to engage in the Spectrum network chat. Another option available to you is using the mobile app; this can give you a good idea about when to expect the internet to be restored.

2. Spectrum Router Red Light: Do A Basic Restart

3. Spectrum Router Red Light: Attempt To Reboot Modem & Router

Spectrum Router Red Light

If the light goes back to being red, then there are high chances you need to call for assistance. But wait, the following steps might work for you.

4. Spectrum Router Red Light: Check If Modem Is Online

Need Clarification With Terms Like Modem or Router?

5. Spectrum Router Red Light: Check For Obvious Damage To Coaxial Drop And Line

Familiar Places To Spot A Damaged Cable:

6. Spectrum Router Red Light: Contact Technician For Support

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