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The IP is a private IP used for the gateways for the TP-Link brand. You can open this IP in your browser to access your router’s admin panel or extender. From there, you can make several customizations to your wireless network and enhance its security. In this blog post, we will guide you on precisely what this IP is and how you can access it to make necessary changes in your router or extender.

What is the Address?

The is an IP address that is generally reserved for private networks as their default gateway. Small and medium enterprises and some homes typically use it. The routers generally assign IP addresses to devices using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Sometimes, the router gives an IP to itself at the very last. That is where IP comes into the picture. 

While this does not apply to all manufacturers, some, including TP-Link, assign this IP to their routers or extenders. This IP address serves as the access point or gateway for devices on the local network to communicate with devices on other networks, such as the Internet. It is important to note that each router’s IP differs depending on its brand and model.

How to Access IP

When you first buy a router or an extender, it comes with some default settings that may need to be revised. Also, to configure it, you need to access its admin console. By accessing, you can set up your TP-LINK or Tenda device as required. Check out the steps below to access this IP.

What is the 192.168 0.254 Address, How to Access

What is the Password for TP-Link Login?

If you are still determining what the admin password should be for your TP-link router, it would be tough for you to log in to If you are still looking for the default credentials on your router itself, it can get tricky. This default password can be unique to your router’s model number and the version of its firmware. 

Generally, TP-Link keeps the default password of their routers as ‘admin.’ So, you can try entering admin as a password on your login page. If this password does not work, it is possible the default password was changed either by a user or by your ISP during the initial setup of your wifi network. In this case, you must reset your router back to its factory settings. After that, the password would revert to the default one.

Below are the steps needed to reset your TP-Link router:

We recommend that, for security purposes, you change the default password to something more secure afterward.

How do I change my Password?

To change the password for this private IP, you must follow the instructions above to log into the admin panel. Once you are there, our next steps will guide you on how you can change your password.

That is it. Your password will now be changed. You can check it when you try to log in the next time.


After reading this post, we hope that you will understand everything you wanted to about We have also shared with you some ways to reset the router to get to its default password and change the existing password for more security.

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