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How to Reset a Linksys Router: Comprehensive Steps to Follow

Your Linksys router is an amazing device that lets you enjoy your wireless internet at your home or workplace. The Linksys router is a user-friendly device that has been a favorite of many tech enthusiasts for years. If it works fine, then all is good, however, if it starts having glitches, then you need to reset it. On this page, we will guide you on how to reset a Linksys router to remove any issues and get it working as smoothly as before.

Different Methods of How to Reset Linksys Router

There are mainly three ways that you can reset a Linksys router to fix its various technical issues. These include a soft reset, a hard reset, and a factory reset. Below are the details of all these methods for your reference.

Soft Reset of Linksys Router

A soft reset of the router ensures that you do not lose any custom settings you have made. This is also called a reboot. Below are the steps involved in it.

This type of reset is done when you are experiencing slow internet speed issues or issues when your connection keeps dropping intermittently. Once you perform a soft reset, it clears the cache of the device and helps resolve any issues that may be causing the aforementioned issues. If you continue to face issues with your device, then consider performing a hard reset.

Hard Reset of Linksys Router

When you perform a hard reset of the Linksys router, it will erase your router’s configurations. Then you will have to make all those settings and changes again. Below are the steps to perform a hard reset of the router.

Reset a Linksys Router

A hard reset should be considered a last resort because it erases all the customizations that you have made to the router. You should do a hard reset only if you are experiencing serious issues with the router that other methods failed to resolve. If you need to constantly keep resetting your router to resolve glitches, it may be an indication of a bigger issue that may need further investigation or you may need to replace your router altogether.   

Factory Reset of the Linksys Router

The procedure of the factory reset and the hard reset is very similar but where the hard reset only erases a few of the previously customized settings, the factory reset takes the router back to its original form. It removes any configurations and then you need to configure it from scratch. So the next step of how to reset a Linksys router involves a factory reset and below is the procedure for it.

A factory reset is more comprehensive than a hard reset. While in a hard reset, you may be able to restore some of the previous settings, in a factory reset, they are all gone. You will need to set up the router from the very beginning. This means configuring it with other devices again. 

Getting Technical Assistance if Reset Fails

All these above methods usually do the trick when it comes to resolving various issues with your Linksys router. Now that you know how to reset a Linksys router correctly, you should also know that in rare cases it does not fix the issue. If you have a hardware issue with the router then resetting it will not help at all. Also, it could be possible that more advanced troubleshooting is necessary for which you may need the help of professional technicians. So, if you feel like you have reached your troubleshooting limits with the Linksys router, get help from professionals. 


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