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24x7 Available   |   Technical Experts | (877) 778-0205 What's This? is simply an IP address to log in to the admin panel. Accessing the admin panel can easily change the SSID, wifi password, and default router settings. This IP address is pre-assigned by a lot of router companies as well as wifi repeater companies as the default gateway address for quickly accessing the admin panel of your router or repeater.

How Do I Log Into the Router?

To make a successful login to the admin panel, you need to follow these steps:

Login Admin: Changing The Wifi Password

To change your wifi password, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

How Can I Change The Network Name (SSID) on

To change the Network Name (SSID), you need to follow these steps:

How Do I Troubleshoot

So you are facing trouble logging, then it could be because of the following reasons:

Fun Facts About IP Address

Did you know that is an entirely private IP address? Here are some more fun facts that would amaze you:

Facing Trouble Logging Into

Are you having trouble trying to log into the IP address? Then we can help you out. If the above steps don’t resolve your problem, then it might be time for a professional to help you out of this problem. Simply mail us or call us on our number to get help with all your troubleshooting issues.


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