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TP-Link Router Orange Light

How to Fix TP-Link Router Orange Light The orange light on the TP-link router indicates that there is no issue with the WAN port. This issue is a problem of establishing the internet with the service provider. It can occur because of several reasons, like outdated firmware, damaged cables, and software glitches. These issues are […]

TP-Link Plug Setup

TP-Link Plug Setup The TP-Link smart plug will integrate intelligence into your everyday devices, offering remote control and automation at your fingertips. With its compatibility with the Kasa Smart app and most speech assistants, this plug turns conventional appliances into intelligent and energy-saving gadgets. Plan your routines, keep an eye on your energy use, and […]

TP-Link Wifi Extender Setup

TP-Link Wifi Extender Setup Guide TP-Link wifi extender is a very popular device. It is very helpful in creating a home or office network in large spaces. It helps boost or extend your wifi signal beyond the limits of the router to all parts of your property. In this post, we will share the various […]