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How to Fix TP-Link Router Orange Light

The orange light on the TP-link router indicates that there is no issue with the WAN port. This issue is a problem of establishing the internet with the service provider. It can occur because of several reasons, like outdated firmware, damaged cables, and software glitches. These issues are casual, and you can fix them quickly. First, you need to restart or power-cycle your router in order to fix the TP link router orange light.

In case, if this also does not work for you, you can try more solutions for it. We will help you fix your router’s orange internet light. It is possible that this issue can be because of ISP outrage or hardware issues. Thus, to get solutions for this problem, read the entire blog.

Causes for TP-Link Router Orange Light

The causes for the TP-link router’s orange light are:

Follow the below steps to implement a router power cycle:

Fix TP-Link Router Orange Light

There are several solutions that will resolve your TP-link router’s orange light: 

 1. Power Cycle or Restart the Router

The issues with a router can be fixed by restarting or power cycling the router. Turn the device on and off again to restart it. On the other hand, a power cycle means removing all power connections. 

Follow the below steps to implement a router power cycle:

2.  Inspect Cable and Loose Connections

Loose or damaged cables may cause orange light issues on TP-link routers. If you had your cables in place for years, then it is possible that they may get moisture, which may damage the internet connection issue.

Follow the steps below to learn how to resolve the TP-link orange router:

3. Remove Obstructions From the Router

If there is any obstruction near your router, it will cause a TP link orange light issue. This obstruction will affect the quality of the wireless connection. Minimal obstructions are a must to ensure quality router performance.  

Remove physical obstructions from your TP-link router using these steps: 

4. Check for Maintenance Outrage

The issue of the orange light on a TP link occurs because of the low internet. It is necessary to check whether there is scheduled maintenance or any other emergency repair in your locality. For this, you can also check the ISP website to see if they have updated their service.  

In case you suspect some ISP maintenance, implement the below steps:

5. Update Device Firmware 

Firmware updates generally run, but sometimes, they may be handled manually. Sometimes, these updates can cause internet connection issues. These updates typically fix bugs and allow better connectivity. 

Follow the below steps and update your device firmware:


We have briefed you on many methods to fix the TP-link router orange light. If you follow these steps it will resolve your problem. However, if you still feel that you will not be able to connect, then you can call our experts for immediate help. Our experts will provide you with immediate solutions that will enhance the functionality of your TP-link. 

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