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WiFi Network Not Showing Up | What To Do?

There are a few basic solutions that can assist you in resolving your laptop’s WiFi Network Not Showing Up issues. The most effective solutions are listed below: 

1: Enable the WiFi via Shortcut

You can use shortcuts to turn on and off the WiFi connection on your desktop or laptop. If you’ve hit the wrong key and turned on your WiFi, Windows doesn’t display the WiFi network. Based on the notebook model which you’ve got, the exact button to turn on WiFi could be different.

2. Turn off the WiFi and turn it on again

In the case of common technical issues, you could encounter some issues and observe the WiFi Network Not Showing Up. You can disable and enable WiFi in your device to reconnect your WiFi connection. To do this, follow these steps.

This procedure should restore your WiFi connection, and you should no longer have to deal with a Laptop having trouble connecting to WiFi in Windows 10.

3: WiFi Network Not Showing Up Windows 10- Restart System

The most straightforward way to fix the issue of WiFi Network Not Showing Up on Windows 10 is to restart your computer. This can help if the software is putting too much strain on the disk, which can affect other functions of your laptop or laptop, such as Bluetooth or WiFi.

It is recommended to restart your computer. This is among the most important options to resolve the issue of your laptop not being connected via WiFi in Windows 10.

Method 4: Update Your PC Drivers

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A driver updater software program such as Advanced Driver Updater can help you install the most up-to-date and compatible drivers. This professional program enables users to improve their computers to work efficiently and effortlessly by upgrading all the driver software in one step. The program is regarded as reliable by thousands of people across the globe and is considered to be one of the most effective solutions to every driver-related issue.

As outdated network drivers may create a myriad of issues related to the Internet and WiFi Network Not Showing Up on your laptop as a result is among them, we advise upgrading the WiFi drivers. 

Follow the below steps for process of  Driver Update

5: WiFi Network Not Showing Up Windows Reset Modem or Router

If WiFi isn’t showing on your laptop, there may be an issue on the router’s side, not the laptop or PC. Try turning the switch off, then restart it. Give it a few seconds, then check. If your laptop or computer does not show WiFi, think about resetting the network router or the modem.

It will take a while to complete the task. In addition, after resetting it, you will need to set the settings of your router and modem settings once more. Check your device’s user manual or the instructions on the manufacturer’s site to get the details.

6: Turn On the WLAN AutoConfig Service

It’s an advanced solution but can help you resolve the “Laptop not connecting to WiFi on Windows 10” issue in only a few clicks.


These are some possible solutions to the WiFi Network Not Showing Up on Windows 10. By doing simple actions like restarting your computer frequently and having driver updater software on hand, you can ensure your computer is free of the above mentioned issues. You can ask our experts for help if you cannot fix your wifi signal with the help of our guide.

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