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Learn All the Steps to do Xfinity Router Reset

The Xfinity routers are very popular and used in households all across the US. These routers help customers access their wifi with ease all across their homes and offices. As good as these routers are, at the end of the day, they are just electronic devices. Like any device, they are at risk of getting errors and technical issues. One of the simplest troubleshooting methods for routers when they start to cause issues is resetting it. That is why, in this post, we will guide you on Xfinity Router Reset

How to Reset Xfinity Router

Before we teach you How to Reset Xfinity router, you may want to try simply restarting it. There are many issues that arise in the router like not connecting to the internet or speed issues that can be resolved by restarting it. The difference here is that when you reset a router, its custom settings get wiped away. But, that is not the case when you restart it.

below are the steps you need to follow to Reset Xfinity Router:

Different Methods of Reset Xfinity Router

When learning How To Reset Xfinity Router, you must understand that you can either perform a factory reset of the device or reset it using your web browser. In this section we will guide you on the steps needed for both.

How to Reset Xfinity Router Using Web Browser

How to Factory Reset?

Performing a factory reset or a hard reset as it’s sometimes called does not require you to use your computer. You can reset the Xfinity router using the reset button at the back of the device. Follow these steps to reset your router:

How to Reset Router Password

Restart Xfinity Router

In order to access your Xfinity router page to make various customizations to the settings, you need to know and enter your Xfinity password. In case you have forgotten it, do not worry. You can reset it easily. When you reset your password, it will go back to the default one that you can find at the back of the router.

Here are the steps to reset the password:

That is it. Your Xfinity router password has now been reset. You can use the new password now the next time you need to log in.


In this post we have shared with you all the details you can possibly need on Xfinity Router Reset. We have also shared with you the method of resetting your password and changing it using the Xfinity admin page. We hope this information will help you.

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